About Us

I'm Nurse Amby (AM-bee), President of Ambient Aging, where we educate families faced with aging and illness, make plans, and advocate for health care needs.

My team is here to support everyone trying to navigate our complex healthcare system through education, teamwork, and support.

Families call us to make sure they have the support they need to live the quality of life they want while honoring their personal values as they age.

I’m your friend with a nursing degree, and I want to use my experience to educate you on how to navigate our crazy world of healthcare and get the results you need.

Let’s work together to face the barriers preventing your family from living a full life. I have a wealth of knowledge and resources that will stop the frustrations that come from caring for an aging family member. My team is here to improve your family’s life.

Call us to help advocate for your family’s needs and learn about opportunities to consult directly with us.

Thank you for your trust.